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Data Policy

Ownership and Copyright

The data collected and presented by the Kanzelhöhe Synoptic Archives remain property of the contributing observatories and institutions. In order to promote the use of the data for scientific research and educational purposes we basically open the data archives to the public.

Scientific and Educational Use

The use of the data for non-profit scientific and educational purposes is automatically granted provided that the data source is explicitly mentioned or by acknowledging the contributing institution. If you use the data available here on the WWW or provided in other form, we ask four things:
  • that you notify us
  • that you acknowledge the source of the data by using following phrase:
    H-alpha data / Ca II K data / White light data / Sunspot drawings
    were provided by the Kanzelhöhe Observatory, University of Graz, Austria
  • that you send us a copy of resulting research reports and papers before publishing
  • that you check the relevant pages of special datasets or institutions if there a more restrictive data policy applies.
We are pleased to be able to provide the data in machine-readable form and to prepare specialized data products/formats in response to requests. In order to assure the integrity of the data, the applicability of our data to specific investigations, and to avoid duplication of research efforts, we encourage you to contact us before using the data!

Profit Use

The use of the data for profit purposes is prohibited. Specific requests will have to be submitted to the Kanzelhöhe Observatory and will be evaluated by the owners of the data.

Contact Person

Werner Pötzi
Kanzelhöhe Observatory
A-9521 Treffen am Ossiacher See, Austria
Tel. +43 (0)316 380 5777
E-Mail: werner.poetzi@uni-graz.at
WWW: http://www.kso.ac.at